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Walk through and customise your next architectural project, before construction begins.

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Discover the surreal experience of walking through your the CAD drawings of your next building at life-size.

Fine-tuning architectural projects in the design phase can save massive costs in alterations, giving you the clarity and confidence you need to sign off for construction.

Realise Spaces in VR

Gain an accurate understanding of your next building project, pre-construction with our VR CADwalk stage walkthrough.

Explore a Life-Size Floorplan

Walk through 2D floor plan layouts at full scale to get an accurate understanding of spaces and how rooms relate to each other.

Rearrange Interiors in Realtime

Make changes to the building design and rearrange furniture in realtime to customise interiors and adjust living spaces.


Experience spaces and prototype interiors in realtime before signing off.

Often, flat drawings or even a 3D rendered video don't give you enough perspective to fully comprehend how a space will look. A lifesize floor plan and VR session allow you to comprehend the true scale.

Adjust building plans virtually to avoid costly alterations during construction.

Once construction has begun, requesting alterations to the design can become extremely costly, often stacking up into five digit additions to your original building quote.


Realtime visualisation built on UE4

Initially concepted with UniSA, CADwalk is the only end to end experience where you can walk through and manipulate the architectural environment and interiors in realtime. The team at CADwalk digital have developed the technology behind the CADwalk experience to allow people to walk through, move and adjust elements and take away VR.
Starting with initial 2D drawings, a truly interactive 3D world is created, w


Experience CADwalk

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