SR Portables

Full Independence. Anytime. Anywhere.

SR Portables are a global leader in portable lithium solar generators, with a mission to advance energy independence. Creating sustainable portable power solutions — perfect for off-grid situations like remote communities, rescue or emergency operations, outdoor events, and other scenarios where noisy, costly diesel generators are not ideal.

FOTAS Accoustic Sensing

Monitor, locate and respond to boundary breaches in realtime across large distances with Fibre Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing System.

Data Cables System

A high-density, modular cable connector system that allows for cost-effective, streamlined mass installation.

Ruggedised Tactical Comms Network

Command and control fiber optic communication systems, with a focus on military tactical components for harsh environments.

Testing & Calibration

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), climatic and mechanical testing and precision calibration to meet fibre optic quality regulations.