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End to end renewable solutions for maximum energy efficiency and independence.

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The energy landscape is changing. This decade, we'll see a radical transformation of how power networks function and energy is transacted — and we need to be prepared.

Our in-house team is able to model, design and deliver tailored solar and battery solutions, to provide your organisation with energy security and readiness for the future of network technologies.

Generate your own power

Minimise your reliance on the grid and bolster your independence. While generating your own energy, you can be confident that your operations will keep running if the grid goes down.

Store and save your energy

A solar system without a battery limits the renewable energy generation or forces you to export your excess energy for very little gains. Instead, store your excess solar for use when energy costs are high, reducing the carbon footprint and ESG performance.

Advance your ESG plan

Having a renewable energy system supporting your energy requirements is one of the best strategies to create a positive impact on the environment and progress your ESG action plan.


Energy management is becoming more digital and decentralised.

We're entering a new age in the area of energy management and transaction — AI and data analytic technologies are providing realtime insights and management, moving control away from energy companies to end users.

Design for growing trends — battery storage, EVs and VPPs are on the rise.

The energy market is rapidly adapting to the idea of virtual power plants — with the emergence of battery management and EV technologies.

Minimise your reliance on the grid while reducing your energy costs.

Decreasing grid dependency increases your control over energy supply by intelligently managing and scheduling loads. With the ability to make better energy management decisions, you will see improved efficiency.


A strong process ensures seamless delivery.

Analyse energy data
Model solution viability
Design system structure
Reliable procurement
Seamless installation
Setup and monitoring

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