Partnering with OPTOKON to bring advanced fibre optic testing and  calibration services to Australia.

OPTOKON offers a comprehensive range of independent, on-site fiber-optic testing and calibration services to help meet the steadily increasing requirements standards for product quality and reliability.

Currently, OPTOKON has three testing facilities offering calibration, verification, measurement and consultation.


Calibration Laboratory at the Forefront of Fibre Optic Innovation.

OPTOKON Calibration Laboratory is a company that provides calibration and metrology services for fiber optic test equipment.

They have been in business since 1999 and are accredited under the ISO 17025 standard. OPTOKON headquarters are based in the Czech Republic, with two others facilities throughout Malaysia.

OPTOKON is planning to open new testing facilities in Australia in near future.

A Comprehensive Range of EMC, Climatic & Mechanical Tests

The OPTOKON testing laboratory offers EMC, climatic and mechanical testings of electronic devices and optical cables and preparation of accreditation for selected test methods according to the ČSN / EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard.

Testing Services

Accredited Calibration with Required Documentation & Certification

Calibration laboratory OPTOKON in service support with SIRIM SST, is committed to provide excellent calibration services to our clients.

Accredited Calibration Services
Other Testing & Calibration Services

Service Centre Offering Fast Fibre Optic Instrument Repairs Globally

OPTOKON Service Center offers repair services for fiber optic measuring instruments and equipment. They also provide firmware upgrades, and post-repair calibration.

OPTOKON Service Centre Services
EMC Chamber
Pressure Resistance Test Space
Temperature Chamber

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