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Smart Homes

Exploring new boundaries with IoT technologies for smarter home spaces.

The variety of smart home technologies are rapidly increasing, offering many ways to make your home more intelligent and autonomous. There's just one problem — they don't work together. Our team specialises in providing the latest IoT and smart home solutions to turn your home into an ecosystem that functions in seamless harmony. We connect everything together, collate everything on user-friendly apps, and give you ultimate control over your entire home.


Get lightning-fast internet in earth's remotest locations — guided and installed by our experienced team.

Custom Lighting

Brighten up the atmosphere in your spaces with beautiful, bespoke lighting solutions.


The most advanced, powerful and Intuitive Smart Home System that allows total control of your Security, Energy, Ambience and Entertainment from a Single Hub and a Single APP.



DIY energy monitoring system that displays your energy data in realtime — for more informed decisions.